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For more information contact: Paul S. Richard, Executive Director at:  619-239-1401

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December  2008
bullet New Credit Card Rules for July 2010 
bullet 21 Tips for Wiser Christmas Holiday Spending 
November  2008
bullet Credit Card Holders Beware: Because Universal Default is Now in Stealth Mode 
bullet New FTC Web site for Young People 
October  2008
bullet America's High School Students Are Invited to Take the Challenge! 
bullet Free Educause Webcast on Identity Theft Rules WHEN: Wednesday, October 22, 2 -3 p.m. EDT 
September  2008
bullet ICFE introduces new Certified Home Equity Mortgage Conversion Specialist CHECMS' program - Accepted for 5 CEUs a/k/a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist Advisor 
bullet Important Reminder from the ICFE Consumers must sign up before September 24th, 2008 to be eligible for benefits 
bullet National Financial Literacy Challenge November 3rd thru 26th, 2008 
bullet If you had a credit card, loan or credit account, you could get benefits from a class action settlement 
August  2008
bullet 2008 Benchmark ICFE Study: What Features, Services and Security Identity Theft Protection Services are Offering Today
July  2008
bullet Ten Perspectives That Will Sink Your Financial Ship 
bullet FTC Business Alerts 
bullet FTC Will Study Experiences of Identity Theft Victims
June  2008
bullet New for 2008 - College Accredited Personal Finance Course Earns Three Credits 
bullet $1.2 Billion in Tax Relief for Service Members and Veterans 
May  2008
bullet Spending Smarter for Grocery and Household Items How to lessen the impact of rapidly rising food prices 
bullet National Financial Literacy Challenge: Attn: ALL Financial Educators 
April  2008
bullet Essential Knowledge becomes new Corporate Sponsor of the ICFE.
Organizations promote mutual efforts in furthering financial literacy education. 
bullet ANSI-BBB Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel Newsletter 
January  2008
bullet Ach Mei Zeit! I really overspent on Christmas, now what? 

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