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December  2005
bullet ICFE Holiday Alerts: (1) Avoid The Ghost of Christmas Past!!! (2) Things To Know About Holiday Gift CardsNEW!  This latest financial content hs been added to the financial education website with in the last month.
bullet ICFE Introduces the First Nationwide Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Training and Certification ProgramNEW!  This latest financial content hs been added to the financial education website with in the last month.
November  2005
bullet To Help You Get a Better Value For Your Dollar, Here Are Ten Holiday Spending TipsNEW!  This latest financial content hs been added to the financial education website with in the last month.
October  2005
bullet Overlooking Getting Your Free Credit Report Can Be Risky and Result in More Expensive Credit
bullet San Diego Saves Says You Can Build wealth and not debt is aim of program
bullet Payday Lenders and the Military
bullet ICFE Certification and Education Programs Accepted for Continuing Education Units
September  2005
bullet New "Jury Duty Scam" Seeks Personal Information By Direct Phone Contact
bullet 50,000 Consumers Nationwide Find Help With Credit When Credit Is Due Program
August  2005
bullet California Department of Corporations Launches Program to Help
TAPS to Combat Military Financial Fraud
bullet ICFE Cautions Consumers to Scrutinize Identity Theft Services
Because They Are Not Always What You Thought You Paid For
bullet Debt Consolidation Company vs. Debt Settlement Company
bullet ICFE adds "Ask Mr. G" and his extensive financial education FAQ library to its Web site
July  2005
bullet Helpful Tips For Organizing Back-To-School Spending
bullet Victims May Never Resolve Identity Theft
bullet Credit Card Terms and Conditions Have a Highly Deceptive Effect
June  2005
bullet Soldiers Get Forbearance On Late Mortgage Payments
bullet Education Department To Hike Student Loan Rates on June 30th, 2005
bullet Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those CFPs who get ICFE Certification
May  2005
bullet Military Families Targeted For High-interest Loans
bullet Is It Overdraft Protection Or Is It Overcharging Fees?
bullet Brief History of Credit
April  2005
bullet New Financial Literacy Program Available Free Online
bullet When Convenience Checks Aren't So Convenient
bullet GAO: Consumers Need More Education on Credit Reports
bullet April is National Financial Literacy Month Free PowerPoint Show available
bullet Consumer Alert and Fact Sheet on Collection Agencies and Junk Debt Buyers
March  2005
bullet Be Aware of Debt Elimination Scams and How They Work
bullet The OTHER free credit reports you should be ordering: ChoicePoint, UD, MIB
bullet New Report Identifies Problems With And Related To The Federally Mandated Free Credit Report Site
February  2005
bullet The Commission is seeking public comment to aid staff in preparing a study on the effects of credit scores...
bullet Feds Approve New Bounce Check Protection Guidelines
bullet Service members Anti-Predatory Lending Protection Act Introduced in Congress
bullet ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewers and IdentiMortgage Fraud on Rise
bullet ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewers and Identity Theft Prevention Specialists Trained And Ready To Assist Potential Victims Of Identity Theft As A Result Of Recently Revealed ChoicePoint Information Breach
bullet The Addition of Universal Default Clauses To Cardholder Agreements and Increases In Credit Card Fees Often Go Unnoticed
bullet Identity Theft Is Mostly Between Friends
January  2005
bullet Interim Report Reveals a Correlation Between Credit When Credit Is Due
Financial Literacy Education and Increased Credit Scores.
bullet Past Due Debtors Hungry For Credit Fall Into Credit Card Trap
bullet AFCPE Awards 12 CEUs to members who complete Credit When Credit Is Due
bullet Five 2005 Resolution Solutions For Your Finances

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