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December  2003
bullet New provisions of theFair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003
bullet Ten Holiday Spending Tips for 2003!
bullet Financial Education Gifts For Adults ages 18-99!
bullet 21 Tips for Wiser Holiday Spending To Help You Avoid Becoming a "Debt-Head"
bullet 20 Ways To Spend Less on Groceries For Holidays!
bullet Don't Become a "Debt-head" for the Holidays!
November  2003
bullet Student-Loan Credit Reporting To Resume for Seven Million Borrowers
bullet Credit cardholders have little awareness of changes in their cardholder agreements
October  2003
bullet Protecting Your Credit Rating During a Divorce
bullet Universal Default Is The Latest Consumer Credit Trap
September  2003
bullet The Financial Literacy Community Outreach Act
bullet Spenders we all are, so how do someget a bigger bang for their dollars?
August  2003
bullet Fair Credit Reporting Act Gets Tweaked by Congress
July  2003
bullet Consumers Lack Essential Knowledge
bullet Credit Education Course Shows Results
June  2003
bullet Everyday Spending Decisions Shape Your Financial Future
bullet 10 Quick Steps to Financial Success from the ICFE
bullet Monitor Credit Reports to Guard Against Identity Theft
May  2003
bullet ICFE Consumer alert: Your Check Is In The Mail But, DON'T CASH IT!
bullet Identity Theft is a Major Problem, It affects all age groups.
April  2003
bullet Many Consumers are Overspenders, Are You? Check Your Profile
bullet Spending Counseling and Credit Report Review Service Available Online at nonprofit ICFE
March  2003
bullet Looking For A Financial Planning Professional
February  2003
bullet Spending Counseling and Credit Report Review Service Available Online at nonprofit ICFE
bullet Interactive Money Books for Kids or Young Adults
Money lessons and allowance plan for kids ages 6-11 and young adults ages 12-17
bullet Need a positive boost on your credit report?
Credit education course grads get listed in national data base and also become eligible for discounts on loans, mortgages and fees from participating lenders and a waiver of deposits from participating utility providers plus many other benefits
bullet Family Bank is for Young People
Money lessons and allowance manager with a "virtual bank" on your computer
bullet Credit Scores Vary on Different Credit Reports - Consumers Beware!
bullet Money Tips For Young People in America
January  2003
bullet Money Tips For Young People in America
bullet Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2003
bullet Paying Too Much for Things is the Most Common Form of Overspending
bullet Women Shouldn't Have To Be Paying More!
bullet Spotting Financial Danger Signs

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