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Children and Money

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Children And Money &  ICFE Kids

The ICFE/Kids sections offers money tips for young Americans, financial information and education Resources, a credit education course for high school seniors and college students, education and information on the dangers of debt accumulation while young, savings and investment information, first-time credit information and financial planning education.


This section also includes statistics and survey results of what students know about money, and also a young spender's profile, 10 commandments of personal finance, a credit risk profile, a new software program for managing your allowanCEUs ways for parents and grandparents to teach children about money.
Other features in financial education include budget and expense guidelines, instructions for a creating a budget with a one-page budget form, helpful information on spending, savings and using credit wisely.

Also tips for using credit and credit cards, plus fun books and financial education videos in the bookstore to help you learn about money and credit.

Children and Money Categories

What Youngsters Know About Money

bullet Financial Literacy Improves Among Nation's High School Students

For Parents and Grandparents

bullet "Money Skills Kit" 18 Ways To Teach Children or Grandchildren The Value of Money
bullet "Money Skills Kit" 10 Commandments of Personal Finance For Young People in
bullet "Money Skills Kit" AllowanCEUs? . . or Work? . . or Both?
bullet Are Your Children Getting Hooked On Credit?
bullet No On Credit and Charge Cards For Young Teens!

For Children and Young Adults


Money Tips for Young People in America

bullet 10 Commandments of Personal Finance For Young People in
bullet Young Spender's Profile (Are you a good spender?)

How to Develop Improved Spending Techniques and PractiCEUs

bullet Credit Risk Profile For Young People (How will creditors see you?)
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