Loren Dunton
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"Loren Dunton" ICFE Founder
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Loren Dunton

This Web site is dedicated to the ICFE's founder Loren Dunton (1918-1997).

The Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) was founded in 1982. Consumer financial education was the continuing vision of the founding father of the financial planning profession. In 1969, Loren Dunton gathered a group of business leaders in the mutual funds and financial services industry, to create and fund his concept of a college for educating a new professional - the financial planner. From that meeting the Society of Financial Service Professionals became reality in Denver, CO. along with the birth of the College for Financial Planning.

In the following year Loren Dunton found himself in front of the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission advocating a new designation he created for graduates of the College, to be known as a "Certified Financial Planner" (CFP). (http://www.cfp-board.org/)

Shortly thereafter, the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP) was born, the result of Loren traveling from city to city speaking with financial services professionals and mutual funds companies encouraging them to formulate individual chapters of the IAFP, now known as The Financial Planning Association (www.fpanet.org). Loren Dunton then served as the first editor of the "Financial Planning" magazine. His precepts also led to creation of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC). (www.iarfc.org)

Loren Dunton knew in 1969 that at some point in the future consumers would need to be educated about this newly created profession and how a financial planner would greatly benefit the consumer in planning for their financial futures. The ICFE was on the drawing board when he established the CFP designation and the College for Financial Planning. It became a dream realized in 1982. The ICFE was also known as the National Center for Financial Education (NCFE).

In 1987 the ICFE/NCFE was awarded a Presidential Citation for Private Sector Initiatives from President Reagan.  Loren Dunton, his wife Marta and Paul S. Richard were guests at a White House luncheon hosted by Gary Bauer, then,  President Reagan's domestic policy advisor.

Loren Dunton wrote thirteen books on selling and financial services. They were widely distributed and published in seven languages.

Loren Dunton passionately believed the world needed qualified and dedicated professionals who would "help persons learn how to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence."

Loren Dunton knew that his own (and the ICFE's) educational efforts on spending intelligently, saving regularly and using credit wisely were helping consumers get ready for the next step - that of using a financial planning professional.

Loren Dunton said "Financial education is the learning part. Financial planning is the doing part."

As long as society requires these traits, Loren Dunton's legacy will continue.

Please visit the Loren Dunton Merit Scholarship page by clicking HERE

Written by Paul S. Richard -  ICFE Executive Director 
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