Certified Credit Scoring Specialist CCSS Independent Study Guide
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CCSS ® Independent Study Guide Table of Contents                          Page 3
Important Changes to Credit Industry Oversight                                   Page 4
History of Credit                                                                                  Page 4
History of the Credit Card                                                                    Page 9
History of Credit Scoring                                                                     Page 12
History of Commercial Credit Scoring (Dun & Bradstreet)                   Page 14
CFPB Consumer Tip Sheet on Keeping a Good Credit Score             Page 19
Credit Reporting                                                                                 Page 21
How Credit Scoring Works                                                                Page 28
Problems Associated with Credit Scoring                                            Page 33
Adverse Action Codes                                                                        Page 36
FICO and other credit scores measure risks                                        Page 35
Improving FICO and other credit scores                                              Page 40
Can FACEBOOK friends influence a FICO or other credit score?      Page 41
Credit Report Information Providers and Users of Information             Page 44
Credit Reports - Credit Reporting Agencies                                         Page 45
Disclosures from CRAs, and employer/users' methods and procedures Page 46-54
Non-compliance with FCRA/FACTA provisions                                 Page 56
Rules about credit decisions and notices                                               Page 58
Consumer Education about Credit Scores and Credit Reports              Page 60
What a credit report is and how it's used                                             Page 60
Specialty Report Providers                                                                  Page 62
How to read and understand credit reports                                          Page 73
Sample credit report and sample credit report comparisons                  Page 75
How to make changes or dispute accuracy.                                          Page 76
How to freeze credit files                                                                     Page 80
Identity Theft and Risk Management                                                    Page 80
What is identity theft                                                                            Page 81
The FCRA/FACTA provisions for identity theft victims                        Page 82
Rules from the CFPB/FTC and the Federal Reserve                            Page 86
Example of Credit Card Agreement                                                     Page 88
How to get and keep a good credit score (from CFPB)                       Page 89
Glossary                                                                                             Page 92

CFPB (FTC) Staff Commentary Introduction of FCRA                       Page 113
Full Text of the FCRA with FACTA Amendments                               Page 128


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