Certified Credit Report Reviewer CCRR Independent Study Guide
Table of Contents Page

Fair Credit Reporting                                                                                          Page 5
   Credit Reports - Credit Reporting Agencies                                                         Page 5
   Disclosures from CRAs, methods and procedures                                                Page 5-11
Information Providers and Users                                                                        Page 12
   Businesses (retailers lenders etc.)                                                                         Page 12
   Employers                                                                                                           Page 14
   Landlords                                                                                                            Page 18
   Insurers and Noncompliance                                                                                Page 21
Reviewing Credit Reports with Consumers - Not Doing Credit Repair           Page 23
   Review parameters, no credit repair and other guidelines                                      Page 24
   Communicating and listening                                                                                 Page 25
   Appointments and follow-up with clients                                                               Page 26
   Rules from Federal Reserve about credit decisions                                               Page 27

Consumer Education About Credit Reports and FICO Scores                         Page 29
   What a credit report is and how it's used                                                              Page 29
   Specialty Report Providers                                                                                  Page 32

   Rules from the CFPB for Telemarketing and Debt Relief Companies                     Page 43

   How to read and understand credit reports                                                           Page 45
   Sample credit report and sample credit report comparisons                                  Page 45
   How credit scoring works                                                                                    Page 46
   About FICO Scores                                                                                            Page 47
   Adverse Action Codes                                                                                        Page 48

   Fico Scores Measure Risk                                                                                   Page 52

   Credit Scoring Provisions in FCRA/FACTA                                                        Page 54           

   Credit Inquiries and the FICO Score (www.myfico.com)                                     Page 54

   What to Know about rate shopping                                                                      Page 59
   Improving a FICO Score (www.myfico.com)                                                       Page 59
Counseling Consumers on the Do-it-Yourself process                                      Page 61
   How to make changes or dispute accuracy.                                                          Page 64
   How to freeze credit files                                                                                     Page 66
   Using the ICFE's Do-It-Yourself Credit File Correction Guide                             Page 67
Identity Theft and Risk Management                                                                Page 68
   What is identity theft                                                                                            Page 68
   New FCRA/FACTA provisions for identity theft victims                                       Page 70
   Identity theft risk management                                                                              Page 71
Rules from the CFPB/FTC and the Federal Reserve                                        Page 73
   Credit Card Rules from the Federal Reserve/FTC                                                Page 73
   Example of Credit Card Agreement                                                                     Page 76
   Protecting Credit Ratings During a Divorce                                                           Page 77

   Facts on Collections Agencies and Junk Debt Buyers                                           Page 79

   Summary of Rights: Fair Debt Collection Practices from the CFPB                       Page 80

   2013 CFPB Regulations for mortgage lenders on foreclosures                              Page 84
CFPB (FTC)  Staff Commentary Introduction of FCRA                                   Page 89

Full Text of the FCRA with FACTA Amendments                                            (92 pages)


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